Though it is evolved throughout the years, my style has always remained unique and distinct to me. In 2014, I was even honoured with the title of one of Toronto Life’s Most Stylish (something I still proudly often exercise bragging rights for).

Of course, sneakers are my passion.

They’re what anchor my outfit – I really don’t go anywhere unless I can wear a pair of sneakers (strict dress codes aren’t my thing). They are sort of what defines me. They are also what have earned me the title of “Canada’s Most Influential Sneakerhead.”

When I began to lose my hearing, I experienced the inevitable fears of its future implications – would I one day not be able to hear my kids’ voices? Would one day communicate only in sign language? I realized as an athlete it was normal to make adjustments to my career by focusing on my visual skills more than my auditory skill.

You have to work with what you’ve got. Again, there’s no room to blend in.

Continue Reading about my experience with hearing loss and my style tips for fall 2016.

Peace Mr Burke


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