Go For the Goose

Lightweight jackets are an indispensable part of my wardrobe – I need them when I am off to sporting events, taking the subway, driving or even catching up on the latest movies. Oh yes, they are undeniably trendy too. Plus, I think you always need lightweight jackets in Toronto, especially during the pre-Fall season, when you need an extra layer of clothing, but nothing too thick or bulky.

I have found a favorite in Canada Goose Beaconsfield Shirt Jacket. I can pair it with almost anything – men’s shirts, casual shirts for men and men’s t-shirts. Here you can see me wearing my Canada Goose Shirt Jacket with a button down shirt and denims from United Stock Dry Goods Denim. I have my Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers on and it sure makes a stylish combination. I love the jacket because it is so versatile and I can wear it almost any time of the year. With its Super DWR finish that repels water five times longer than standard jackets with DWR coating, I know I have a jacket I can carry everywhere.


Mr. Burke

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