I started my sneaker collection when I was 16 with a blank check that my dad gave me for my birthday. I picked up the hottest kicks on the market that day: Air Jordan V’s and Pippen Flights. This landmark purchase was made right at the start of a revolutionary phenomenon that galvanized a generation through a mix of style, music and technology that is still unfolding today: sneaker culture.

As an influencer in this revolution from the start, sneaker culture shaped my world:

It fed my competitive nature through team sport, gave me a platform for my creative vision in trend and style, lifted me through the trials of being singled out, and led me on a global career that has connected me to an unparalleled network of like-minded revolutionaries.
Today as Canada’s Most Influential Sneakerhead, I shape life through my unique lens on culture, my unparalleled ability to forecast trend, and carefully curated collection. This is my piece of the revolution.
Welcome to my snkrbox.

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