If a past, present or former colleague asked me about Demand Jump I would say this, if you want to win at the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) when it comes to content marketing, invest in Demand Jump and find your “North Star.”

Yes.  I estimate Demand Jump saves 3-6h of research time per day. In addition, the customer support and content guides have been super valuable when building out our branded roadmaps for us and our clients. 

It helps us solve several problems. For example, one of the tools we rely on most is the Insights tool where we gain a clear understanding of the questions and topics people are seeking answers to.  We can then action the “Content Outlines” to create thought leadership content that converts on our preferred marketing channels. 

After the death of George Floyd, we realized the demand for culturally relevant content creators was limited and DJ was immediately able to help Tough Convos solve our content marketing needs while helping us both build our personal brands in a capital light way.

In a sea of sameness, we were searching for a content marketing platform to help facilitate keyword research and give us a “North Star” to differentiate ourselves and our broad range of clients.  

We collaborated on early prototypes of snkrbox by Jason Burke, and continued to explore ways to connect brands, corporations and individuals with thought leadership around multiculturalism. 

We’re passionate about building Brand Awareness and Engagement that increases Equity for the Black Community through Art, Expression and Inclusive Design. We believe by being culturally aware, collaborative and forward thinking in our content and marketing approach, leads to better business outcomes online and better relationships offline.

What is snkrbox by Jason Burke  and Tough Convos? Snkrbox by Jason Burke, creates content for brands, corporations and individuals with a desire to learn about The Black Aesthetic. Whereas Tough Convos is a content creator and experiential learning platform for professionals, companies and global organizations focused on becoming more inclusive, diverse and anti-racist.  Why … Continue Reading