Let’s be honest; the way you’re dressed is usually the first thing people notice about you: your outfit can immediately convey almost as many things about you as your social media profile of choice can.

Even if you’re still making entry-level dollars, it’s important to look the part – it’s that whole ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality. It’s your unique style that gets you noticed from the others in our ever-competitive world – at least at first glance.

My hearing loss was at first a source of personal insecurity.

It’s one thing to look the part, but acting it is another thing all together if you can’t hear what people are saying at noisy events or business meetings. I tried my hardest to fit in – and became an expert lip-reader in the process.

But my latest new accessory – my hearing aid – changed all that.

Not only is my Widex Fashion Mini hearing aid discrete and sleek, I can now hear things I never thought I would be able to again.

Continue Reading about my experience with hearing loss and my style tips for fall 2016.

Peace Mr Burke  

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