Hearing aid technology has come a long way in recent years. Recent advances allow for a whole new connectivity and sleek new designs.

“There’s nothing historically sexy about a shiny new hearing aid; it’s not exactly the hottest accessory of choice.”

But – like our cell phones and gadgets – I discovered that, when it comes to today’s hearing aids, big and bulky is definitely out. In fact, my hearing aid is so small and sleek that there’s no way it gets in the way of my style.

The hearing aids are so discreet that they’re virtually undetectable. For example, the CIC Micro is truly one of the smallest CICs on the market and is available in a range of skin tones.

“My Widex Unique hearing aid won’t cramp my unique style – whether I’m on a red carpet, drinking a beer with friends while watching football on a Sunday, or taking in a TFC game at the BMO Field.”

The funny thing about being well dressed and stylish is that it’s often accompanied with a sense of confidence. Yet, for some people, their stylish clothing masks insecurity.

Continue Reading about my experience with hearing loss and my style tips for fall 2016.

Peace Mr Burke


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