When I was growing up,my family took many trips to NYC in the summer to visit relatives.

From Brooklyn to Long Island, Flatbush to Nostrand the influence of New York City and sneaker culture was engrained in me from a young age. At the time, I couldn’t and didn’t understand the value of hip hop culture and what it would mean to the world decades later. But something about those trips helped me establish a unique sense of identify and connection to sneakers.

I still picture trips to the local basketball courts with my cousins talking trash; boomboxes on the sidelines spitting to LL Cool J and begging mom to walk the Flatbush strip so I could get dipped head to tow in the latest sportswear . NYC still gives me goose bumps in the same way Walt Clyde Frazier did for so many on the basketball court.

Synonymous with NYC Pride, Walt and his brand of basketball are classic; simple in their styling, yet decades ahead of their time so much so that the Puma Clyde is remains one of the most iconic and relevant silhouettes available today. This video is a robust interpretation of how the Clyde has and will continue to transcend sneaker culture for years to come.

The “Clyde” is in stores September 30, 2016 or you can purchase this look below.


Mr. Burke

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