Keep Your Parka Game Sharp

The TIFF season is here and along with it comes the chilly evening breezes. Layering is imperative, and if done right, that is all you need to stay warm while looking cool.

This outfit I’ve put together is perfectly casual while at the same time comfortably warm. It is just the right outfit for a quick brunch or a laid back day with the gang, in the city. Parkas are the in things now, and they have certainly grown in popularity over the years. My recommended parka is the Canada Goose Bomber, which works as a great throwback.

Next, layer a Steve Alan button down, one of my favorites, as far as men’s shirts. They always have a simple, subdued, yet wholly elegant look to them and are a perfect complement to the bomber. Denims are my go to pants for every occasion and I can hardly think of any shirt that wouldn’t go well with a pair of United Stock Dry Goods denims. As for shoes, I’m thinking Y-3.  Any pair of Y-3 Boots are a solid choice and pair with this outfit seamlessly. I have my grandfather’s Crusak Hat, a classic design that will complete the look. See you guys at the TIFF!


Mr. Burke

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