The Boyfriend Cleanse

Thanksgiving is a festive time to spend time with friends and family, with no restrictions in how much you eat. However, soon after Thanksgiving you may regret not having set some limits for yourself. Before you get your workout songs and workout clothes ready to hit the gym, how about a quick body cleanse to get rid of all those toxins built up inside your body? Do not mistake it to be just another body cleansing diet, this juice cleanse known as ‘Boyfriend Cleanse’ is especially designed for men!

Here is what you need to do:

In the morning, have this detoxifying, metabolism-boosting juice by mixing Alkaline Water, Maple Syrup, Lemon and Liquid Cayenne.

Skip that mid-morning snack and relish on this immunity-boosting juice instead, made by mixing Brazil Nuts, Vanilla Bean, Dates, Alkaline Water, Himalayan Salt and Coconut Oil. This anti-oxidizing juice is loaded with Vitamin E & B-Complex and helps in weight management.

Mix E3 Live and Alkaline Water to balance your mood and keep your brain active during late mornings. No more caffeine needed! Plus, this juice makes your hair and nails strong.

Your noon juice consists of a healthy mix of Romaine, Apple, Kale, Celery and Lemon. It is great for digestion and fights cholesterol too.

A little bit of Organic (raw) Young Thai Coconut Water mixed with Coconut Meat is your immunity-boosting mid-afternoon drink.

Your late afternoon drink consists of Romaine, Celery, Lemon, Spinach, Cucumber and Himalayan Salt, which is detoxifying, energizing and also cleans the skin from within.

For evening mix Beet Carrot, Celery, Apple and Lemon, which will cleanse your liver and lungs.

End the day with the juice made out of Alkaline Water, Chia Seeds, Omega-3, Lemon and Maple Syrup will leave you energized with its high protein and fiber content.

*Disclaimer – This is my first time trying a juice cleanse. Please leave a comment in our comment section about your experience with the Boyfriend Cleanse.


Mr. Burke

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