Beanie On Boy

Grey Skies.

Its cold and windy outside snowfall season is around the corner.

I like military patterns and athletic colors mixed with neutral basics to stay uniform and preppy.

This Men’s Camo Down Jacket was found at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

The Pasadena Rose Bowl is a fantastic destination to shop for vintage sporting goods.

My hoodie is a lightweight Polo Ralph Lauren hoodie with a thermal lined hood. Lightweight hoodies and heavyweight parkas are the perfect layering technique for winter.

You can tell the age of these garments by the absence of two-way zippers but the rib cuff still functions to keep the wind out.

These jeans are from Barney’s New York. Nothing beats the sustainable canvas fabric Nudie uses to build their jeans.

When I bought these Timberlands, the Hip Hop act Black Moon was on heavy rotation in my disc man at the time. The Nubuck Leather, is incredibly soft. Can you see the shine on the side panel when the boots are clean of debris?


New Era Pom-Pom Beanie – $40 CDN

Men’s Camo Down Jacket – $250 CDN

Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Hoodie – $125 CDN

Vintage Nudie Jeans – $195 CDN

Vintage Timberland 8″ Boots – $250

Nothing beats the comfort of layers when the weather gets windy and cold, especially before snowfall. To add to this, a last-minute call to watch a nail-biting match between Argos and Alouettes require some smart fashion measures to ease your way out of the home on the thanksgiving day. For such heavy-duty performance I rely on my military print Vintage Camo Down Jacket. Beneath this warm and snug parka, which efficiently keeps the wind out, lies my next layer of a light-weight United Goods Dry Goods Hoody. Men’s clothing cannot get any better (on a game day) than this harmonious balance of military print and athletic colors.

My go-to pant to complement such tough layering is a black denim from the house of United Stocks Dry Goods. Since the texture above was quite striking (with all those layers blocking the wind), I chose to play it down a bit on the bottom by matching up my footwear in the same color as the pair of pants. Inspired by hip-hop trends, my Timberland Boots fashionably relieves from the military monotony on a pleasant note. Guess what creates soft corners in this look? Fluff-ball beanie.


Mr. Burke

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