Episode 1: Volume 1 – In The Box

There’s something about labels marketers tend to like.

The label creator, influencer or sneakerhead to some is synonymous and is only differentiated by a matter of perspective. Regardless, I’ve been labeled a sneakerhead for much of my adult life.

Growing up, the name had cache as it referred to a small, select group of individuals who were motivated to search high and low for the latest rare pair of Air Jordan sneakers released each week by Adidas, Air Jordan, Converse, Nike, Puma, Vans and other sneaker brands.

But times have changed and so too has the role of the sneakerhead. To put this into context, for the second part of my content creation for MARK 4022, I share the story of how I became known as the self prescribed, Most Influential Sneakerhead in Canada and where I see the business of sneakers going in the foreseeable future for those that insist on using labels.

Thanks for tuning in to;

Episode 1: Volume 1 – How I Became Canada’s Most Influential Sneakerhead






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