Coat it Up!

I’ve always liked peacoats, but only when others wore them. I personally did not like wearing them because I’m not a fan of the way the coat covers my neckline. However, that was before I set my eyes on this beautiful vintage peacoat, which is when I realized that it is an essential item of men’s clothing. I loved the look of this peacoat even when it was just hanging in the warehouse and wanted to claim it for myself, and that’s when my vintage Prada Nylon Shell came into play.

I combined the pieces to create a stylish ensemble of men’s clothing that would also keep me dry and warm. This is now my number one option every time I go near the lake. When buying a peacoat, always consider the length, size and buttons on the coat. Ensure that the coat is long enough to touch your hips, unless it’s a naval jacket (which can be short). Apart from the peacoat, you can also see me wearing an Oxford Shirt from United Stock Dry Goods, Navy Khaki Pant from United Stock Dry Goods again and a Carharrt Beanie. I wore my vintage Timberland boots to the lake as they are a good choice when walking through the rocks.


Mr. Burke

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