Timeless Trench Coats

I talk to a lot of guys about men’s clothing and how to get a particular look right. However, in most of my discussions I have noticed that a lot of men are afraid of adding a second or third layer to their look. So how about we make it a little simpler for all those who dread layering because they don’t know how to get it right. Trust me its simple, quick and extremely stylish. In fact, I am amazed how adding the right layers of men’s clothing can keep you cool and make you look hot simultaneously.

For this look, I brought together my Brooklyn Tailors Trench Coat, Oxford Shirt for men from Brooklyn Tailors again, denims from United Stock Dry Goods and my Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. I opted for a trench coat instead of a jacket because it is not that cold yet, but you still need an extra layer of clothing to stay warm. It is one of my favorite timeless looks because I can pull it off in almost every season, especially Fall and Spring. You don’t need to go for anything heavy yet, so a breathable, waterproof, versatile item of men’s clothing should do the trick. It can be a simple trench coat, lightweight jacket or shirt jacket – the options are plenty.


Mr. Burke

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