Takes Three to Tango

Here you can see me in a look that is athletic yet easily passes as a semi formal look. Topman dominates my look here – my men’s hoodie, jogger pants and trench coat are from Topman. I believe that the brand distinguishes itself from others with its mix of contemporary features fused with traditional looks. The herringbone trench coat, when paired with wool jogger pants, instantly gives the look its sporty yet classy feel. On my feet are my black Y-3 Boots with red detailing, which adds to their beauty. I also feel the subtle color of my jogging pants further accentuates the dark shades of my Y-3 Sneakers. The sneakers have been with me for quite a few years now, but you really can’t tell, right? They have aged pretty well.

If you too would like to recreate this sporty, classy look, be mindful of the following:

  • Pay attention to the fabric of the trench coat – it should be waterproof or water resistant.
  • Length of the coat is important too – it should end three to four inches above your knees.

The sleeves should be long, but ensure that they don’t cover your hands.

There you go, now go find the right trench coat for yourself!


Mr. Burke

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