If you want to be a real sneakerhead, you have to step up your kick-related reading material. Being a sneakerhead is about more than just having style—sneakerheads know their stuff, too. From some of the classics to the more underground names in the sneaker industry, this list of books has got it all.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE

No sneaker collection is complete without a pair of Nikes. This book tells the story of the founder, Phil Knight. His passion for sneakers comes out of the pages as he recalls his journey that led him to start his iconic shoe company. His story as a young entrepreneur can inspire the sneakerhead in us all.

Stan Smith: Some People Think I Am A Shoe

Stan Smith wrote a book. Nuff said. Learn about the former top USA tennis player’s journey and how a tennis shoe from the 1970s shaped all shoes to come.

Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment

Hiroshi Fujiwara is a streetwear legend. Discover the inspiration behind his Fragment Design project and his other creative endeavours. This underground read will lead you to add more kicks to add to your wishlist.

Where’d You Get Those?: New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987

Arguably the number one city with sneaker style, New York shaped the sneaker culture. Know your sneaker history to understand the present and predict the future.

Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide

There’s a story behind every sneaker. This book highlights the history of 300 of the most exclusive sneakers all of the time organized by brand, from sports to the streets.

To be a real sneakerhead, you gotta read up on all things kicks. Any of the above books will upgrade a sneakerhead into a sneaker master. 

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