Heavy Weight Champ!

While winters are drab and boring for many, I think it’s the perfect time to experiment with your style. I love adding layers to my clothing and winter offers me several ways of doing it. If you notice my personal style, it is quite evident that I love to mix and match themes. I especially love combining modern designs with vintage pieces; it adds a unique charm to men’s clothing I feel. My love for vintage clothing is evident in the store (Printvintage.834A College St W. Toronto. On. M6H1A2). At the store snkrbox offers a lot of timeless, classic menswear clothing options.

Among my favorite vintage items are military jackets. They are my trusted option when I need something to stand out in a crowd, or when I just can’t decide what to wear. They are among my Fall essentials, not only because I can try a variety of looks with them, but because they keep me well protected from the cool weather. I own a few of these heavy weights, and the Vintage US Army Military Trench coat that you see me wearing in the picture is among my favorites. I remember getting it at the Pasadena Rose Bowl a couple of years ago.

Here you can see me pairing the coat with a United Stock Dry Goods Oxford Shirt, United Stock Dry Goods Scarf, a Navy Khaki pant, Tag Heuer and black 8 hole Timberland boots (they are 20 years old!).


Mr. Burke

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