Ditch The Suit V

While the red carpet calls for a decked up look, my suggestion for men’s clothing in this fall is to give a miss to your suit-staple. Instead let your comfort-classics do all the talking for you. When I spell comfort am thinking of a pair of relaxed denims with another common on-field essential, the sweatshirt. Designed to sit on your frame and ooze style and an essentially sporty feel, this Whisky Crewneck Sweatshirt makes for an interesting layer for a movie-date during the TIFF.

My personal taste for fashion has evolved over the time and is highly influenced by the places I visited growing up. Having said so, I thought of adding a touch of Canadian chills (read United Stock Dry Goods, which is made in Canada) to this otherwise cool sweatshirt. As you take a spin around the town, pairing your crewneck with a warm and stylish Strellson trench coat, your cool quotient will be elevated to warm and elegant. To complete the metro-man apparel, I am sporting Strellson Jogger Pant with this, as I sign off with my ever-favorite pair of Converse Chuck II. Hope to turn a few heads at the movies.


Mr. Burke

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