Chopping In Chuck Taylors

What’s the best men’s jacket to buy for the winter?

Either a wool pea coat, which is more casual, or a three quarter barn jacket for formal wear.

What are the coolest colors this season?

Most designers showed camel, burgundy, chocolate and black.

10 Deep Flannel Work Shirt, $45

What is the one item of footwear every man must have this season?

White retro sneakers in a low top or a high top like these Chuck Taylors kicks.

Polo Ralph Lauren Barn Jacket, $480

Can natural fibers be waterproof?

Yes. Many of the best water repellants are natural fibers due to the oils they contain. This season’s Polo Ralph Lauren collections incorporate high-quality fibers in their men’s jackets.

United Stock Dry Goods Denim-Slight, $198

Converse Chuck Taylor ALL STAR OX, $59

Can a check shirt be worn with check trousers?

You’re heading into very dangerous territory here.

Supreme Field Bag, $138

Converse Chuck Taylor ALL STAR OX, $59

SUPER Classic, $240

Carhartt Beanie, $19 (EU)

Supreme Field Bag, $138

Yardworks Fiberglass Hatchet 1 ¼, $19

Tag Heuer Formula I 42mm, $1750

10 Deep Flannel Work Shirt, $45

United Stock Dry Goods Denim-Slight, $198

Red Wing Classic Moc $265.00

Converse Chuck Taylor ALL STAR OX, $59

It’s the big game night. The Toronto Argos have been beating the Ottawa Red Blacks. Another goal, will the Red Blacks score in the last minute. It seems Ottawa has taken the match on its side. Another goal. Who will it be? Reds? Blacks? Flannels? Boots? No Kidding, game night calls for some serious fashion cures. Your outfit should at least scream out support for your favorite team. Keeping in line with how the Argos chopped the Red Blacks up last time, my Freshjive Flannel Shirt makes for a grungy men’s clothing combination with the Polo Ralph Lauren Barn Jacket. It’s bold and hard-core, just like the hard-earned victory.

For the bottom I have opted for a relaxed pair of denims by United Stock Dry Goods, whose darker hue brings in the right amount of warmth needed for a fall-dressing. With so much fire around, (the victory coupled with chopping woods) I couldn’t decide on one footwear to complete the look. Here are two – cool and heavy – options to make way for good fashion into the playoffs. Go all black and dark with the Red Wing Boots or cool it off in a Converse All Star’s pair. The game is on.


Mr. Burke

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