How To Fire Up Your Sneakers

You know about my love for sneakers, sports and style, but have I ever told you about my love for bonfires? I love building them – not only it is adventurous to set out for a couple of days away from the busy city life, but I also have a special place for in my heart. Campfires help me get closer to my inner self, they are like my meditation moments, and I look forward to them all throughout the year.

Again, dressing right is essential in this case too because I need to be comfortable enough to be able to connect with my deepest thoughts. I think men’s clothing for overnight trips should include warm clothes, especially this time of the year in Toronto. So I am sporting my Canada Goose Shirt Jacket along with my United Stock Dry Goods Denim. To add some life to the look I took out my Stussy Polka Dot Shirt and Red Wing Boots. Finally, there’s my Rains Dry Bag to store my essentials. The bag is not just a savior to keep all my camping gear handy, but is also waterproof, making it an ideal partner each time I go camping.


Mr. Burke

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