Come, Let’s Camo!

Fall is officially here. The weather is slowly getting cooler and the leaves are changing color. How about some inspiration from nature for our next wardrobe change? I think camo is an ideal way to celebrate the season. I have always believed that everything I own, be it clothes or sneakers, should age well. It’s not just about wearing them for a few years, but making them last for as long as possible. That’s the reason you can sometimes see me sporting old, but well maintained clothes, sneakers and Timberland Boots. I like taking care of my belongings and giving them an extended life.

Apart from the way you care for your clothes, the fabric too plays a great role in their longevity. I find it easier to maintain Camo, Canvas Down and Thermal Lined Hoodie fabrics because they are designed to withstand years of use. Another factor I love about them is that they always look ‘in trend’ irrespective of the season. I can wear them for special occasions, casual events or add them in my weekend wardrobe and they never look out of place. Just like this look that I have created with Club Monaco Camo Pants, a Vintage Down Jacket, a Polo Ralph Lauren Thermal Hoodie and Carharrt Beanie along with my Peanut Brown Timberlands. I think it’s a trendy outdoors look, which offers a pleasant break from the regular men’s clothing style that I see in the city.


Mr. Burke

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