If you haven’t heard of Bree Runway yet, that’s about to change.

The British rapper’s star is on the rise, especially with the release of her powerful and timely new single, “Gucci.” The headline-making anthem also features rapper Malibu Miitch.

While the track is filled with nods to the glitz and glam-filled high life, it’s also a celebration of Blackness.

“Being Black is a joy and my biggest blessing, but during this time I’ve been heavily reminded of the pain, the lack of privilege and trauma attached to my complexion, so much that I almost forgot myself,” Bree Runway told Complex about the song’s meaning. “So, I decided that ‘Bree will continue to be Bree, her Black and excellent self.’”

In the flashy music video, Bree likens herself to a diamond, with manifestations and visual representations of the precious gem appearing throughout.

“Instead of focusing on the pain, I chose to be excellent and luxurious. I chose to adore my skin and celebrate my African features, and to ooze opulence. I’m a special diamond, and although sometimes the world wants to rob me of that perception, I refuse to forget, and I hope everyone listening and watching feels and channels that energy. We’re special. Don’t you ever forget,” Bree told Complex.

Check out the video for yourself:

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