Tennis legend Roger Federer may want to seriously consider shoe design when he retires from the tennis court.

Federer just launched a limited edition unisex vegan sneaker in collaboration with Swiss running brand On – and it sold out almost immediately.

“The Roger” is a classic white, tennis-inspired sneaker that leans more toward the street shoe than an athletic one. It’s the type of wardrobe staple that really goes with anything.

“It’s not for tennis, it’s for the street. I hope it’s a shoe you can wear every day, sort of like your watch—something that’s so comfortable, you want to wear it all the time,” Federer told Vogue.

The sneaker combines On’s patented technology with its CloudTec® cushioning and its Speedboard®, for agility. The Speedboard is designed to make every step feel lighter.  The sneaker’s upper features recycled materials, with mesh around the collar. The lining and laces are all made from 100 % recycled polyester.

“The Roger is crafted from vegan leather and has been designed for lightness to reduce material consumption. The result is a significantly smaller environmental footprint for this tennis-inspired sneaker,” On co-founder David Alleman told Plant Based News. “The vegan leather has approximately 30 per cent of the footprint of animal leather.

Sadly, your chance of getting your hands on a pair of these numbered, limited sneakers is slim (as in, you’re going to have to buy them off someone).

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