When I think of Van’s I can’t help but think of how I love the bare foot feeling I get on my trips to the Cottage, California or Jamaica in the winter. As my go to sneaker in warm weather situations it’s inevitable that I experience some heartbreak as the seasons change knowing that it will likely be months before my feet see a pair of vans again. That’s where the Van’s MTE Collection comes in.

Built for Mountain conditions, the Van’s MTE Collection of Footwear and Apparel is functional and fashionable encompassing technical properties like DWR intended to keep you dry and warm in wet conditions regardless if you’re playing in the city streets or the local alps. And if you questioned the brands credibility in the winter month’s, Van’s sent friends and family out with the new iPhone 6 in a variety of wet and cold conditions to prove how functional the gear was. 

The Van’s MTE Collection is available in both mens and woman’s commencing September 21, 2016 at authorized dealers and you can shop some of our selects in the gallery below. 


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