Ottawa rejects plan to play MLB games in Toronto

The federal government of Canada has rejected the plan to play MLB games in Toronto.

Canadas government says the risk is too great to allow these games to take place.

The MLB’s 60 game season would see teams travelling over the border and back numerous times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MLB does not have a bubble plan like many of the other major sports leagues and this is a concern for the Canadian government.

With players travelling to and from the United States and back again for games, the risk is considered too high.

“Look, I’m a baseball fan, but we’re not making decisions as fans. We’re making decisions on the evidence of science that we receive, and are protecting the health and safety of Canadians.”

Said Marco Mendicino minister for refugees immigration and citizenship in an interview with CBC on Saturday.

The rejection means that the Blue Jays will have to find an alternative place to play their home games this season.

Speculation is that the Blue Jays home for this season will likely be Buffalo where the Blue Jays AAA team is.

The Jays home opener is scheduled for July 29th when they take on the Washington Nationals.

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