Just because a man enters fatherhood doesn’t mean he has to lose his swagger. And it’s ok to rock the dad bod so long as your feet stay sleek. These are the top five sneaker types we see dads wearing.

  1. The Sneaker-Pop

Once a sneakerhead, always a sneakerhead. Some dads just never lose it. If you’re still matching your shoes to your shirt, you’re a die-hard sneakerpop. These dads also choose their shoes based on what activity they are doing with their kids. Don’t want to scuff the limited edition Jordans.

  1. The “Dad Is On His Way to Becoming a Granddad” Shoe

You’ve seen these white platforms on the feet of influencers. But influencers can’t take credit—these shoes originated from the dads. These dads are hip and don’t even know it. Normally kept crisp by strict in-house usage, these sneaks can also be seen at a kid’s soccer game or a cook-out.

  1. The Mainstream Dad Sneaker

Dads can wear the same brands as the cool kids. There aren’t any hard rules. From Stan Smith’s Adidas model to a pair of Vans Authentic, a dad can’t go wrong with a classic sneaker.

  1. The Fit Daddy Kicks

Dads who wear training shoes all over town are ready for a set of deadlifts at any minute. Most of us just wear training shoes for sports or a workout, but the fit dad doesn’t limit himself to wearing these shoes at a specific time.

  1. The Whatever Fits Shoe

These dads settle for whatever fits. Style and color don’t matter. While these dads don’t know what to look for in a sneaker besides comfort, they still deserve a spot on the list. All sneakers need love.

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