Saying that the Tokyo Design Studio Niobium from New Balance is a unique shoe is quite an understatement. This drop can be worn three ways, offering year-round weather versatility. When all the pieces come together, the boot even transforms into a warmth-providing winter option. The kick can be worn as slipper-style clogs or tall boots in combination with the waterproof eVent booty piece. When this is removed, the shoe can function well as a camping and nature trail shoe choice. The transformational abilities of this shape-shifting shoe make it the perfect travel accessory, especially when you don’t know what the weather may bring. A durable ballistic coating envelopes the kick, which is a perfect complement to the secure zippered enclosure. The no-sew overlays and a toggle-capable fastening design make it a no-frills utilitarian choice. An ABZORB midsole balances all the elements with a tough grip. 

Be ready for any forecast with the Tokyo Design Studio Niobium available at Haven.

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