Episode one recaps the origins of Michael and the Bulls

The time has finally come.

The EPSN documentary series the ‘last dance’ premiered Sunday night.

The much anticipated documentary from ESPN which can be viewed on Netflix certainly lived up to the hype in episode one.

Episode one can certainly be described as an origins story.

Episode one Recap: Origins

The first episode walks you through Jordan’s college career, the Bulls drafting him, and Micheal’s rookie season.

Based on interviews ESPN did past and present anyone who came in contact with Jordan in the early years, could tell he was cut from a different cloth.

“He was the only player who could turn it on and off… and he never turned it off,” said Roy Williams

Williams who was an assistant coach with North Carolina during Jordans time tenure speaks of how Micheal was just different than the rest.

“He came to me one day and said, I want to be the greatest to ever play,” said Williams

It is made clear throughout episode one that nobody thought Jordan was going to be as good as he was.

Drafting Jordan with the number three pick in the 1984 NBA draft the Bulls knew that they were getting a good player.

But they had no idea just how good he was and how good he was going to be.

Episode one recounts Michaels first team practice in Chicago.

Jordan quickly made it known that he was the best player in the gym.

Micheal made so much of an impression that the Bulls head coach of the time Stan Albeck phoned Bulls executives and told them…

“They did not mess this draft up.”

It’s not physical size that matters

Episode one also recounts how news around the NBA when the Bulls drafted Jordan was that he would never be able to carry a franchise.

Players and NBA executives of the time thought that Micheal at just six foot six would be unable to be the best player on a team or carry a franchise.

Episode one ends with a glimpse into the 1997-1998 NBA season and the origins of how this documentary came to be.

The first episode has set the stage, now we get to see where it will all lead.

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