The anticipated docu-series to air on ESPN and Netflix on April 19th

The buzz around the documentary series ‘the last dance’ cannot be understated.

For the hoops fans out there this will be must see TV.

The series offers a up close and personal look at the 1998 Chicago Bulls.

Behind the scenes footage, player interviews, and a real look behind the curtain to what is widely considered the greatest team in NBA history.

In addition to this great footage and archived material ESPN has conducted a plethora of new interviews with those involved to add hindsight into the mix.

The ‘last dance’ is set to premiere on Sunday night on ESPN and Netflix.

Episode one will be released at 9pm EST and episodes will be released weekly.

The series will run weekly from April 19th to May 17th.

There are ten total episodes in the series produced by ESPN in a 30 for 30 style.

ESPN is airing this footage for the first time since it was filmed in 1998.

For those fans, NBA players, and those around the game, the excitement is at an all time high.

Since Lebron James and Richard Jefferson mentioned the series on the ‘road trippin’ podcast some weeks ago the buzz has been growing daily.

The “Last Dance” was coined by something Bulls head coach Phil Jackson said at the beginning of the 1998 season.

It was widely known that this was the end of the Bulls era.

Jackson was told by Bulls management he would not be back the next season, rumours were swirling that Jordan was going to retire, and the Bulls were openly shopping Scottie Pippen all season long.

The content that this docu-series contains is unprecedented in this era of the NBA.

Many have wondered about what it was like to play for the 1998 Chicago Bulls and what playing with Michael Jordan was actually like.

For the first time the general public will get to see exactly what has been theorized about for so long.

The series will certainly but something to behold.

Tune in April 19th at 9pm EST for this monumental event.

Ryan Brockerville

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