Drive of A Lifetime

Every year, I spend a fair bit of my time getting my car serviced from my regular guy. He just happens to have a workshop a few blocks away from where I live and I trust him because I’ve seen his work. The reason why I give so much time to my car is because I love it and more than that, I love motorsports. Motorsports has always been a thing of wonder for me, since I was a kid. Just seeing cars travel at such high speeds gives me goose bumps to this day and the level of skill required to control those vehicles is something that impressed me beyond words. Luckily, I had a chance to experience all of it first hand, thanks to this little company called DriveTeq.

DriveTeq is an exotic firm that provides automotive experiences for customers at Mosport and several other locations throughout Northern America. I had the fortune of paying them a visit recently, at Mosport, with my friends. Upon arrival, I was given the grandest treatment I could imagine. From good food to good drink, we had it all. After which, I set off for the track with my friends and the DriveTeq crew. What I saw there left my mouth agape; some of the most exotic vehicles on the planet, all lined up for action, each worth a fortune in itself. I had the rare luck of getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo and taking it for a spin around the track. To be more specific, around 20 laps.

The end result is something I can’t describe with my limited vocabulary. To say the least, I had an experience of a lifetime. I waited for something like this, for pretty much, my whole life and I finally had the opportunity to experience it. All credit goes to DriveTeq. However, I probably won’t be doing this again for a long time to come. I’m afraid my body and mind aren’t just built to handle speeds like that, at least not on a regular basis.

But, I do advise that all you motorsport fans out there in Toronto give DriveTeq a shot, You will not regret it and it really doesn’t cost you that much. Even if it did, it’s still worth every dollar. DriveTeq isn’t just about motorsports or fast driving. These guys teach you everything you need to know about driving as a whole, whether it’s driving for the track or the streets of Toronto.


Mr. Burke

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