There may be no passing around of massive joints this 4/20, but it doesn’t mean that the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the weed-filled celebrations for Canada’s cannabis cravers.

Of course, 4/20 – April 20 – is basically the Christmas of the cannabis industry and a celebrated occasion for weed smokers. In better times, 4/20 unites cannabis users from around the world in a puff of smoke with things like massive smoke-outs, concerts, and marches. While cannabis consumption is usually associated with a gathering of community (and communal joints), this year’s 4/20 celebrations will clearly look a little different (but with the same high).

We may just have to get a little creative – and, hey, weed can help with that.

When it comes to a quality weed experience, it’s all about the vibe. Homegrown company Fireside Cannabis is centred on connections – connections to each other, to nature, and to new experiences. While connecting to nature may be a challenge in these times, it’s still quite possible to connect with others and to new experiences via cannabis. Fireside’s quality cannabis is available in dried flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates.

Get your social isolating friends to roll up a joint, pull out the bong or vape, or consume an edible and meet your fellow cannabis lovers at video group chats like Zoom and Houseparty at 4:20 pm (or anytime throughout the day). Interactive games like trivia, quick draw (Pictionary) and Head’s Up on the Houseparty app offer no shortage of glossy-eyed and laugh-filled entertainment. Fireside’s uplifting Wappa strain makes a nice, reliable option for the occasion. The sativa-acting indica is a great go-to daytime strain that’s works well in a group setting – even if that happens to be virtual.

If you keep the virtual celebrations going into the evening, you can and should cap off 4/20 with Fireside’s Sensi Star. The relaxing indica is a chill way to end the day and may help quiet the mind and to fall asleep quicker in these trying times. If flower isn’t your thing, Fireside’s vapes, edibles, and concentrates have become quick crowd-pleasers. The vapes are premium and potent, with the powerful Blaze option ranging in THC from 70 to 85 %. Meanwhile, the well-balanced Ember is carefully crafted 1:1 CBD:THC, with both at 35 %.

If you have a soft spot for cannabis and chocolate, Fireside also offers seven varieties of cannabis infused edibles, which range from Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel, to Dark Chocolate Mint, and Dark Chocolate CBD Salted Caramel.

Naturally, cannabis consumers haven’t waited for 4/20 for the virtual smoke or edible sessions to start. Snoop Dogg has been hosting Instagram smoke sessions since social isolation was a relatively new term. Consuming cannabis in sweats, from the comfort of your own couch, with your own snacks within reach, while connecting with fellow cannabis consumers virtually definitely has its appeal.

While completely appropriate on April 20, weed and quarantine go hand-in-hand any time. After all, cannabis can enhance your libido (a bonus if you’re quarantined with your significant other), help to temporarily tune out the headlines, aid with meditation, and even make your dinner made of whatever you have left in the fridge taste better.

Check out Fireside Cannabis for all your “green quarantine” needs.

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