Keep Calm & Accessorize On With Tokyo Smoke

For those of you who didn’t know already, cannabis became legal in Canada October 17th, 2018.

There are a good amount sites out there to purchase from, however, I personally recommend checking out Tokyo Smoke.

Not only do they carry some pretty awesome accessories, and educational material… but they also sell some great basic t-shirts and hoodies that are right up my alley.

Their logo actually kind of reminds me of a red airplane window… do any of you guys see that too?

If you ask me, the placement and overall style of the logo adds a nice pop of colour to the piece. I can definitely see myself rocking one of their hoodies with a pair of jeans and Jordans.

Right off the bat, I think my favorite accessory on their site has got to be the Genious Pipe.

I really dig how there are a handful of different colours to choose from. Haha, because who doesn’t love matching their pipes to their outfit?

Your Turn:

Have you made a purchase from any online cannabis shops yet? If so, would love to hear your experience in the comments. 



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