Coffee, Cannabis, and Clothing

Canada is set to legalize Cannabis for recreational use on October 17, 2018.

There’s lot’s to learn and discover about the heavily regulated cannabis industry. It is more important than ever as the application of Bill C-45 continues to evolve daily and province-by-province. In the upcoming weeks, I’m sure there will be a flood of new brands into the market. However, from what I can tell, there are three brands worth paying attention to right now:

  1. Canopy Growth Company – Canopy’s been a market leader since Constellation Brands announced an investment in the cannabis space last Fall. A second announcement was made again in August of 2018. Two things about the company that most intrigue me are;
    • Their connection to Snoop Dog.
    • Their recent acquisition of HIKU Brands. IMO, HIKU Brands has quickly become a house of brands that is at the forefront of coffee, cannabis, and clothing culture all rolled into one.
  2. Tilray – Vancouver based Tilray could easily be a frontrunner in the lead up to legalization. However, the companies current lack of sales means the LP is unsure of how relevant the Marley Naturals license will be with Canadian millenial customers until the product hit shelves. Additionally, based on Canada’s diverse population, we are well positioned to validate whether American Pop Culture or Jamaican Folklore will be a better catalyst for sales and brand presence.
  3. Several companies are worth discussing after CGC and Tilray, but in keeping with music culture as the fundamental pillar of growth, Newstrike (the owner of the Tragically Hip cannabis license) is poised to be the third most relevant brand in the Canadian marketplace. It just seems right that if you were to put the Hip, Snoop and Bob all on the same stage that such a musical collaboration would define the Canadian cannabis community to the world.



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