Old Brand, New Looks

The last couple of winters, I’ve refrained from wearing a true winter boot.

Instead, I’ve opted for a sneaker boot and I hope to keep up this trend over time.

I find sneaker boots more comfortable, lighter weight, and more stylish once I’m inside of a destination. For the past few seasons, Nike has been toiling away with their vintage outdoors brand ACG, which has added some fun to the boot game. This season, I’m tempted to try the “ACG Ruckel”. However, I have some concerns about the suede uppers as they are hard to maintain. I’m going to continue to shop these boots. I will try them and report back to you.

acg-ruckel-ridge-shoe-1dh4SH2 acg-ruckel-ridge-shoe-1dh4SH3 acg-ruckel-ridge-shoe-1dh4SH5 acg-ruckel-ridge-shoe-1dh4SH1



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