Toronto Raptors 125, Detroit Pistons 113

Pascal Siakam is surprising everyone this season, and his nickname of ‘Spicy’ is becoming fitting of the performances that he is putting in for the Raptors.

Siakam registered 30 points last night as the Toronto Raptors handed out a 125-113 drubbing to the Detroit Pistons.

Furthermore, he has now extended the number of 30 points that he has recorded this season to five. That is three more than last season.

He scored 19 of these points in third. There was also more joy for Fred VanFleet who scored 13 points for the Raptors in the win.

The result was out of the grasps of the Pistons as we entered the fourth period as the Raptors already led 101-85.

Kyle Lowry was also among the points as he ended with 20. Norman Powell and Serge Ibaka each had 19 points, while OG Anunoby finished with 14.

The Pistons were led by Andre Drummond who had 21 points. Dwayne Casey has now seen his team lost three of their last four, and much of that was down to the scoring in the opening periods.



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