While being a sneakerhead has its wins, it definitely does have its downsides if you’re struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck. We all know how it goes: in college, you don’t have time to cook, and running across the road for some jerk chicken every time you’re hungry can get costly and means less … Continue Reading

It’s no secret that we in the sneakerhead community are extremely passionate when it comes to the shoes we like. But a new trend, called “drops,” is bringing together sneaker collectors from all walks of life, and even turning some of these “weekend warriors” into serious sneakerheads.  StockX, an online marketplace that uses a community-powered … Continue Reading

Just because a man enters fatherhood doesn’t mean he has to lose his swagger. And it’s ok to rock the dad bod so long as your feet stay sleek. These are the top five sneaker types we see dads wearing. The Sneaker-Pop Once a sneakerhead, always a sneakerhead. Some dads just never lose it. If … Continue Reading

If you want to be a real sneakerhead, you have to step up your kick-related reading material. Being a sneakerhead is about more than just having style—sneakerheads know their stuff, too. From some of the classics to the more underground names in the sneaker industry, this list of books has got it all. Shoe Dog: … Continue Reading

As you may have recently discovered, it’s no longer possible to modify Mario villains. Last month, Paper Mario Nintendo game producer, Kensuke Tanabe, spilled the details to Video Game Chronicle. In the recently released Paper Mario: The Origami King, a brand new villain is introduced; King Olly invades the Mushroom Kingdom with a mission to … Continue Reading

Despite a global pandemic, the 2021 Graduate class of Inclusive Design at Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) – Canada’s largest art, design, and media university – has united to execute a gripping virtual exhibition to communicate their Major Research Projects (MRPs). During this unsettling and unpredictable time – a time that’s undoubtedly … Continue Reading

In a match made in nostalgia heaven, Lego has teamed up with Nintendo in the first collaboration from the two massive brands. Lego Super Mario features the required Starter Course and will have 10 expansions – most impressively, there’s even a Lego Nintendo Entertainment System that interacts with a Mario figure. The Starter Kit includes … Continue Reading

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre thinks Colin Kaepernick will reach a hero status similar to that of Pat Tillman. Last month, the football legend made headlines when he compared Kaepernick to Tillman.  And we have to agree. Since infamously taking a knee during the national anthem in 2016 pre-season game in protest of racial … Continue Reading

While Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests have slowed throughout North America, the conversation surrounding racial injustice, racism, and inequality continues – louder than ever, in fact. Daily reminders of the ever-important and incredibly overdue BLM movement are found in everything from social media feeds and media headlines, to dinner table conversations. They’re also found in … Continue Reading

After seven years, LEGO has released its latest Mindstorms kit – and it may be all you need to peel your kids away from their screens after months (and counting) of quarantine mode. Essentially, the coveted kit combines the LEGO building system with robotic and coding elements (and it admittedly looks just as fun for … Continue Reading