In a match made in nostalgia heaven, Lego has teamed up with Nintendo in the first collaboration from the two massive brands.

Lego Super Mario features the required Starter Course and will have 10 expansions – most impressively, there’s even a Lego Nintendo Entertainment System that interacts with a Mario figure.

The Starter Kit includes Mario and expansions include other famous Nintendo faces, like Toad, Yoshi, Browser, King Boo, plus more. Each character comes with their own builds based on elements from video games. 

The most notable – and pricey – Nintendo-themed Lego set is the Lego NES kit, a mechanical, 2,646-piece set that celebrates the 35th(!) anniversary of the console’s launch. The kit is complete with multiple builds, including a tiny console, controller, Super Mario Bros. game cart, a1980s-style CRT TV, connecting cable, and plug.

Once the retro TV is constructed, you can watch a flat 8-bit Mario make his way through World 1-1. He can also be placed on top of the TV to make corresponding noises to the action on the screen.

Lego Super Mario will hit store shelves and online shopping carts on August 1 and retails for $229.00 USD.

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