While being a sneakerhead has its wins, it definitely does have its downsides if you’re struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck. We all know how it goes: in college, you don’t have time to cook, and running across the road for some jerk chicken every time you’re hungry can get costly and means less funds for sneakers in the long run. So, what’s a hungry sneakerhead to do?

There is no right answer. But if you want to be a real sneakerhead, you know you have to make these sacrifices sometimes just to make sure you get that first pair of limited editions.

For some, being a sneakerhead means hustling every day of the week.  Wake up early, take the subway downtown, and scour the city trying to find the hottest sneakers at the most affordable prices.  True sneakerheads usually hit the streets bright and early, between 8-10 am, probably wearing their hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants with pockets, and sneakers—people know them as the “sneakerhead guy on the block.” This type of hustling takes real commitment. And sometimes that commitment involves spending less on grub.

As a sneakerhead, it’s important to have a ten-deep collection of Air Jordans, including every colorway from 1985 until 2009. Don’t forget the pair of Adidas, Bapes, New Balances, Sauconys, Vans, etc.  Although sneakerheads tend to have a nice-sized collection, there is a good chance that they are broke otherwise. The sneakerheads making minimum payments on credit cards and student loans can relate who had to choose between eating or buying that new pair of Air Max 2009s they found on eBay. This may possibly risk going hungry for a day or two. But us sneakerheads understand the sacrifice is necessary.

As Kate Moss said: Nothing tastes as good as sneakers feel. She did say that, right?

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