While Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests have slowed throughout North America, the conversation surrounding racial injustice, racism, and inequality continues – louder than ever, in fact.

Daily reminders of the ever-important and incredibly overdue BLM movement are found in everything from social media feeds and media headlines, to dinner table conversations.

They’re also found in some stunning and poignant public art throughout Canada and the United States.

As historic racist statues are dismantled (granted, too few and too slowly), vibrant art is emerging throughout North American cities that not only captures the camera lens but also sends a powerfully resounding message for change.

Check out these BML murals.

Toronto, Ontario. Image: Mike Schultz via CBC
New York City. Image: Getty Images
Washington, DC. Photo: Getty Images
Hollywood, California. Photo: Getty Images
Toronto, Ontario. Photo: Mike Schultz, via CBC
Toronto, Ontario. Image: Mike Schultz via CBC
Seattle, Washington. Photo: Getty Images
Montreal, Quebec. Photo: tasiavalliant | Instagram
Cincinnati , Ohio. Photo: Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio

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