Keep Your Parka Game Sharp The TIFF season is here and along with it comes the chilly evening breezes. Layering is imperative, and if done right, that is all you need to stay warm while looking cool. This outfit I’ve put together is perfectly casual while at the same time comfortably warm. It is just … Continue Reading

Takes Three to Tango Here you can see me in a look that is athletic yet easily passes as a semi formal look. Topman dominates my look here – my men’s hoodie, jogger pants and trench coat are from Topman. I believe that the brand distinguishes itself from others with its mix of contemporary features fused … Continue Reading

Timeless Trench Coats I talk to a lot of guys about men’s clothing and how to get a particular look right. However, in most of my discussions I have noticed that a lot of men are afraid of adding a second or third layer to their look. So how about we make it a little simpler … Continue Reading

Suit Up the Athleisure Way I am no Barney Stinson when it comes to men’s suits, but somehow I always feel like a movie star when I wear a well-fitting suit. I always ike to mix and match men’s suits, so you will always find me suiting up in an athleisure way. Even if I wear … Continue Reading