Players to vote on MLB’s proposed 60 game season

The MLB and its players decided not to vote on Sunday.

Voting was postponed till Monday in order for commissioner Rob Manfred to make some last minute tweaks to the proposal.

While these last minute tweaks are being made in order to meet players demands, optimism is low.

MLB and its players have been far apart during the entire process of trying to save the season.

Owners and the MLB are looking to prorate salaries so that players would recieve 30% of their overall salaries.

This is something that players are very unhappy about.

The latest proposal from MLB saw an expanded playoff format and the ability to use a designated hitter for both the American league and National league.

Something that has never been done before in baseball.

The vote comes just days after over 40 players and staff tested positive for COVID-19 during training camps.

Many teams including the Toronto Blue Jays have shut down their spring training since the incident.

Players unwillingness to move on salaries, coupled with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 leave many around the baseball world fairly certain that there will not be a baseball season this year.

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