Some NBA players unsure of a season restart

A coalition of players have come together in order to pressure the NBA into announcing an action plan for social justice.

With the NBA planning to restart the season on July 30th;

Some players feel that returning to play will distract from the ongoing social justice movement around the world.

The coalition is led by Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets and Avery Brady of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Irving and Bradley are speaking on behalf of a number of NBA players who feel that the NBA could do more before play resumes.

“We don’t need to say more, we need to find a way to achieve more. Protesting during an anthem, wearing T-shirts is great, but we need to see real actions being put into the works,” said Bradley.

While NBA commissioner Adam Silver insists the season is not in jeopardy, the players coalition is disrupting plans.

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association have talked about how they will address these issues together, but definitive plans have not been made.

“I agree Orlando will give the players checks to contribute back to their communities,” Bradley said.

“But how much of that bubble check are players actually able to contribute?” said Bradley.

While many in the coalition are considering sitting out not all feel as strongly that sitting out is the right thing to do.

Some Players Agree But Want To Play

Dwight Howard who has been very vocal on the subject and released an extensive document Wednesday outlining his position on the matter.

NBA releases plan for Orlando Bubble

The NBA released a 100-page document Wednesday laying out the guidelines for the Orlando bubble.

This extensive document outlines every scenario possible to ensure player and staff safety in Orlando.

If someone tests positive for the virus, the protocol explains a several-step process that a person will have to go through.

The player or staff in question will be isolated and go through multiple tests before being allowed to return to the bubble.

The NBA’s plan is so extensive that it even includes a scenario for those playing ping pong.

No doubles games are allowed to be played, only single matches.

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