Adversity, Retirement and Rebirth

Episode five and six of the Last Dance ends with the speculation of Michael having a gambing problem.

Those accusations come full circle in 1993 when Jordans father is murdered.

James Jordan was murdered when he pulled off the road to have a nap in North Carolina.

“He was my rock,” said Jordan. Michael considered his father as much a friend as a father.

Jordan’s father was always by his side.

Whenever the Bulls won a championship you could see James Jordan right there in the locker room celebrating with Michael.

In 1993 Jordan was already exhausted due to the gambling accusations, and the struggles of the 1992-93 season.

All of that exhaustion comes to a head after his fathers death.

Jordan needed a break.

Micheals first Retirement

Micheal Jordan retired from the NBA after the 1993 season.

His retirement took the sports world by storm.

Jordan retired and decided to play professional baseball, in honour of his late father.

Jordans father always wanted Michael to play baseball.

Jordan played one season in 1994 with the Birmingham Barons the AA team of the Chicago White Sox.

Terry Francona his manger with the Barons is quoted in the last dance that he believed Micheal could have played in the major leagues.

“1500 at bats he could have played in the Major leagues,” said Francona.

While Micheal did have some success in baseball batting .202 with 51 rbi’s, his love for basketball was too great.

When you have that love for basketball you cannot stay away long.


That itch to get back to basketball came back after Jordan stopped by a Bulls practice to see his former teammates.

Jordan returned in 1995 to the Bulls.

After a playoff exit at the hands of the Orlando Magic in 1995, Jordans fire is ignited and in 1996 the Bulls were a team possessed.

The 1996 Chicago Bulls are arguably the greatest team in NBA history.

Finishing the regular season with a record of 72-10.

Jordan’s journey comes full circle when the Bulls take on the Seattle Supersonics in the NBA finals with the Bulls closing out the series in six games.

Game six of the NBA finals happened to fall on fathers day.

Jordan visibly emotional after the Bulls 1996 championship. Jordans first championship without his father.

The Bulls win the NBA championship on fathers day and Jordan celebrates his first NBA championship without his father by his side.

The period from 1993-96 was a rollercoaster for Michael Jordan.

From a media fire storm to the tragic loss of his father, Micheals journey is something that few can relate to.

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