Some teams will rise and other will fall in this years playoffs

With the NBA playoffs starting today what better time to make some round one predictions.

Let’s start in the south western conference.

Los Angelas Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers

Prediction: Lakers win in 6 games

Two teams full of star power but in completely different ways.

Portland is heavy at the guard spot with the amazing play of CJ and Dame. Riding the wave of success, Portland will look to take down the championship aspiring Lakers.

Los Angelas will lean heavily on its front court of Anthony Davis and Lebron James.

Having two of the top five players in basketball will win L.A the series but it will be a tight series as Portlands guards will be tough for L.A to stop.

Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Prediction: Thunder in 7 games

With Russel Westbrook expected to miss time while nursing a quad injury James Harden will have to be sensational in order for Houston to win the series.

Houston has gone all in on its small ball style but without Westbrook at a hundred percent it will be next to impossible for Houston to make the run it wants to.

Chis Paul has taken this Thunder team to the next level and that will be enough for the Thunder to beat the Rockets in a hard fought series.

Los Angelas Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks

Predictions: Clippers in 6

The Western conference finals are where the Clippers are expected to be.

Luka Doncic and the Mavericks will do their best to tackle the Clippers but their defence and inability to finish games will be their demise.

Luka and Porzingis will be able to get Dallas a win or two but with little playoff experience on the roster it will be an early exit for Dallas this season.

Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz

Prediction: Nuggets in 5

It has been a rough restart for the Jazz.

Utah has lost a number of players to injury, and with Mike Conley leaving the bubble for the birth of his child the Jazz in for a tough showing.

Denver has become healthy during the restart and with the emergence of Micheal Porter Jr, Denver will hit cruise control on Utah.

Eastern Conference

Milwaukee Bucks vs Orlando Magic

Prediction: Bucks sweep Magic

The Bucks have been the best team in the NBA this season.

While they have not been impressive in the restart they did not need to be after locking up the number one seed.

Look for Milwaukee to turn it on in the first round, while Giannis shows why he is the MVP this season.

Toronto Raptors Vs Brooklyn Nets

Prediction: Raptors sweep Nets

The Raptors outside of the Suns and Blazers have been the most impressive team in the bubble.

Torontos defence has been nothing short of sensational.

Couple that with the leadership of Kyle Lowry and the championship experience the Raptors have; and you have a team that could explode in this years playoffs.

Brooklyn has shown that they will have a championship caliber team next season when they add Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving but this is 2020 and 2020 is the year of the Raptor.

Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers

Prediction: Celtics in five

The 76ers have been less than impressive all season long.

Little chemistry has developed with this team and with the injuries to Ben Simmons and Joel Embid, look for Boston to send Philly packing early.

Bostons position-less basketball coupled with the star power of Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brwon, and Kemba Walker will be too much for Philly to handle.

Philly has been a huge disappointment this season.

While you can not blame a coach for injuries, the 76ers early exit will mean the end for head coach Brett Brown.

Philadelphia has under achieved for three seasons now and with no room for error anymore Philadelphia will part ways with Brown before next season.

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers

Prediction: Miami Heat in 7 games

This could be the best series of the first round.

Miami has been a surprise this season.

Jimmy Butler has brought grit and the leader this team needed.

Miami and Indiana have some bad blood going into this matchup.

With TJ Warren exploding in the bubble Indiana is poised for war with Butler and Miami.

Expect this to be a very tight series but with Indiana’s injury troubles, Miami and its hot three point shooting will be too much for the Pacers to handle.

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