Toronto Raptors 134 Brooklyn Nets 110 The Toronto Raptors shined in game one against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday night. Toronto started out hot and did not cool off as they ran all over the Nets. The Raptor took a 37-10 lead into the second quarter and did not look back. The Raptors hot start … Continue Reading

Some teams will rise and other will fall in this years playoffs With the NBA playoffs starting today what better time to make some round one predictions. Let’s start in the south western conference. Los Angelas Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers Prediction: Lakers win in 6 games Two teams full of star power but in … Continue Reading

5 Fun Facts About Drake Have you ever met someone who just knows the craziest amount of fun facts? Guess what? You are about to be one of those people. Well, in all things Drake anyways. Actually… now that I’m saying it out loud, that seems too time-consuming. How about we start with 5 fun … Continue Reading