The Toronto Raptors have had one of the most confusing seasons of any team in the NBA this year. After moving to Tampa, Florida, starting the season early, and losing their NBA Championship big men, it was remarkable that the Raptors were able to recover and return to a .500 win record. As soon as the club was starting to gain steam, however, the team was rocked by COVID-19.

And right as the team was recovering physically and mentally from the virus, the trade deadline threw everything for a loop. Losing Norm to a trade and Lowry to injury, the Raptors had to regroup once more. Now, with a new, partially injured roster, the Raptors are finally looking to build momentum.

The Toronto Raptors face up tonight against one of the NBA’s most confusing teams, the Los Angeles Lakers. It isn’t a surprise that a championship season can take its physical and emotional toll on a team. But the injuries that the team’s two star players, Lebron James and Anthony Davis, have incurred were completely unexpected. Particularly for James who has missed almost no time due to injury across his 18 year career.

With Lowry out of the lineup and Fred likely sidelined, the Toronto Raptors bench will once again have to be perfect in tonight’s inter-conference showdown.

There was nothing pretty about tonight’s loss versus the Los Angeles Lakers. From OG’s ejection to a spattering of technical fouls, the Toronto Raptors failed to establish any sort of offensive and defensive rhythm until it was already too late.

Last night’s game seemed to catch up with them as the club shot 40% from the field and 15% from deep. While rebounding wasn’t bad, the offence was. The Toronto Raptors were only able to put up 21 points off of 21 Laker turnovers. With Vanvleet, Lowry, and Hood out of the lineup, the Raptors season continues to be one of the most difficult in the NBA.

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