Toronto Raptors 104 Boston Celtics 103

0.5 seconds. Not even a full second.

Most would assume that if you are down two with that amount of time left the game is over.

But this Toronto Raptors team has no quit.

On a designed play from a side out of bounds, Kyle Lowry threw a perfect pass over the tallest player in the NBA in Tacko Fall to O.G Anunoby.

O.G calmly stepped into a wide open three and bang. Game over. Raptors win.

Toronto desperately needed to win this game as they were down 2-0.

The Raptors now have life as they head into game four on Saturday night.

Toronto was once again lead by Kyle Lowry who was sensational in game three.

Lowry put the Raptors on his back.

Scoring 31 points while adding 8 assists and 6 rebounds.

Fred VanVleet brought his A game as well scoring 25 points adding 6 assists.

Nick Nurse tightened the rotation in game three, using just eight players total.

Torontos starting five pulled heavy minutes and in the second half the only substitute was Serge Ibaka.

The Raptors were able to limit Jason Tatum in game three as he scored just 15 points, but Kemba Walker had a great game.

Walker scored 29 points on Thursday and made a beautiful pass to Theis in the dying seconds of the fourth to put the Celtics up 2 before O.G’s heroics.

The Raptors now have life in the series and will look to even it up on Saturday night.

This Raptors team has been down before and to count them out discredits all that this team is.

Anything is possible especially in the bubble and the Raptors have shocked the world before.

Game four is set up to be one for the books.

Tip off is 6:30pm EST.

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