The Toronto Maple Leafs are ending the season on a bit of a tailspin. And while the sky certainly looks like it is falling, the Leafs are certainly not in a horrible position to round out the year. Similarly, the addition of a veteran winger like Nick Foligno might be the emotional boost they need to build momentum heading into the playoffs.

All Leafs news within the last week has been incredibly pessimistic, especially the reactions amongst Leafs fans. But not everything is caving in, at least not all at once. 

Goaltending. What seemed to be a bright spot in the Leafs’ deep injury list has now turned into a massive gaping wound. In the club’s last game versus the Vancouver Canucks, this wound was completely exposed.

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This game started at well as it could for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The club scored two goals in 51 seconds and three goals on their first 6 shots – ending Connor Hellebuyck’s night before it even started. Unfortunately, two massive defensive collapses resulted in two equally fast Winnipeg Jets goals. Following a sequence of back-and-forth goals, however, the Leafs were able to stick the landing and retain their spot as the highest ranked team in the NHL’s North Division.

Tonight’s game also marked a special moment for Nick Foligno who was able to get his first career point as a Toronto Maple Leaf. Though he only participated directly in one of his line’s three goals, the veteran winger definitely made his presence known as the game got close.

With a win under their belts, the Toronto Maple Leafs end a five-game losing streak and build a points cushion against the rival Jets.

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