The last three games for the Toronto Raptors have played out in a similar fashion. Versus the Nets and Nuggets, the Raptors were unable to sustain their offensive pressure in the fourth quarter. While that can be drawn up to sloppy execution, missed shots, and turnovers, it is largely due to the lack of a consistent bench performance.

As great as Gillespie and Watanabe may be on the defensive end, their offensive contributions are few and far between. Jordan Clarkson alone outscored the Toronto Raptors bench with a 15-point performance.

The Utah Jazz without Donavon Mitchell and Mike Conley were definitely beatable. The only issue was that the Raptors starters were forced to work overtime in order to keep up with the Jazz’s flurry of three pointers. With another loss on the board, the Raps play-in hopes get worse and worse.

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