There’s no denying that sneakerheads remain a driving force in the world of street style and sports, but in the world of sex? The connection is a little less obvious. Still, it’s there.

True, for the sneakerhead and streetwear culture, a lot of interest is placed on the shoes themselves. Air Jordans, the Adidas Stan Smith, the Nike Air Force 1 and the classic Converse—these are all classic shoes, but they are also sex symbols. (If you’re a woman and you don’t believe us, just ask the men in your life.) And why shouldn’t they be? They’re comfortable, they look good, and they’re designed to be worn. And as it happens, they’re also designed to be worn in positions of all sorts—which brings us to the topic of today.

SneakerSutra is the latest Instagram series to take the sneakerhead world by storm. The account is comprised of images showing sex positions one can engage in with their partner while wearing sneakers. Each post also includes the hashtag #SneakerSutra so you can check out all the images in one place, and mentions the shoe brands featured in each image. 

Sneakerhead erotica appears to be on the rise these days. While shoes certainly don’t have the erotic pedigree of other objects of desire, like books or motorcycles, they’ve developed a certain allure for some. The phenomenon, known as Sneaker Sex, is particularly prominent on Instagram, where #sneakersex has more than 5,000 posts dedicated to showing off the latest and greatest in virile footwear.

Whether it’s the glow-in-the-dark kicks they wear out at night or the limited-edition Jordans they’re rocking during while making love, sneakerheads are always serving up fresh looks that are in sync with the sexiest trends. Subscribe to Snkrbox.

Illustration by Andrea Locci.

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