Three Running Tips Before You Hit The Road

Fall brings extremely lucrative reasons to bunk all your fitness mantras and get cozy in the comfort of your den. However, when I tried the Adidas Ultra Boost, I was sure this season am going to take up some serious running challenges. Inspired by latest technology, the footwear ensures comfort with adequate cushioning and sits lightly on your feet when you make a move.

My experience tells me you are surely going to fall in love with these running companions. In case you do hit the road, make sure you adhere to the following rules of running:

1. Color essentials

Considering that you are going to be trotting across uneven terrains, perhaps along hilly and rural trails, it’s wise to dress up in bright and visible colors. This is to make sure that you are spotted easily if you get lost or are injured. Plus bright colors like neon, is a major mood-lifter.

2. Gear up for the cold

Autumn mornings can get chilly and windy, (remember winter is coming) so before you head out for a run, layer-up enough to protect yourself against the cold weather. How about a long sleeve shirt paired with a bright t-shirt?

3. Proper nutrition

No matter when you decide to begin your fitness ritual, a highly nutritious diet and sufficient water (and protein-some drinks) are essentials for workout anytime.

Keeping these above pointers in mind, I have curated a fresh look with the Adidas footwear, ClimaChill shorts and long sleeve shirt and the signature Snkrbox ‘Safety Orange’ beanie. See you on the track.


Mr. Burke

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